Product Information

Product Name
Mondulkiri Wild Honey

: Ethnic Mondulkiri Honey Collection Community
: Kandal village, Speanmeanchey commune, Saen Monorom city, Mondulkiri province
Supported by
: Mondulkiri Forest Venture
supply period
: Whole Year
Quality​ Ranking
: #1
: 17$/500g
Name​ of Supplier Representative
: Mr khim khon
: 097 470 9900/ 073 666 6168
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Short Description:Mondulkiri wild honey comes in 3 distinctive colors: gold, reddish-brown, and yellow with aromatic sweetness from nectars of herbal wild flowers. This honey was collected by Bunong Wild Honey Collection communities following the sustainable collection standards. The product is 100% wild honey packed in hygienic containers with proper quality monitoring. The incomes from honey sales support directly to Bunong’s livelihoods, and help to conserve natural forests in Mondulkiri and Bunong culture itself.