Product Display Policies

Disclaimer: SPIEN website only plays a role as an advertisement agency to promote the visibility of products, and we Do NOT take any responsibility in the product trading between suppliers and customers.”

Policies for Product Suppliers

1) The displays of products from farmer associations/cooperatives/groups, SME or other farmer affiliates are
free of charge

2) The suppliers must provide necessary information regarding originality, standard, quality, price, capacity and period of supply, supporting agencies, and contact for purchase of each product accordingly in the product registration form. Products with inadequate information will be rejected.  

3) SPIEN team reserves the rights to query suppliers for associated information stated above regarding each product before allowing it to be appeared on the website. In case of any frauds are found by SPIEN team, the product(s) will be dismissed from the website.

4) The price of the products claimed by suppliers at the point when consumers are asking must be in the range( slightly higher or lower) of the price stated on the product display pages.

Consumer Protection Policies

1) The prices of products in the product pages are subject to change based on the actual prices on the market. However, customers may report to SPIEN if they notice a significant difference between the prices on the product pages and the actual prices claimed by supplier(s) during the trading.

2) Consumers are encouraged report any frauds and irregularities during the trading committed by suppliers to SPIEN team using contact provided.