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: Ornamental Plants
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Outdoor plants

: Potential Plants Natural Home
: #256, St. 03 Borey New World Chamkar Doung, Sambuor Village, Sangkat Dangkor, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh
supply period
: whole year
: from 01-2000 USD
Name​ of Supplier Representative
: Phal Phin
: 092 979 251/ 016 597 468
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Short Description:Gardens with diversified varieties of evergreen trees, shrubs, and blooming flowers are being popularly designed surrounding houses, business buildings, industrial places, public areas and resorts. These could promote aesthetic landscapes, recharge our internal energies, release stresses, and connect life with nature. Potential plants Natural home (PPNH) supplies hundreds of varieties of outdoor ornamental plants and offer garden design and maintenance services. We ensure to offer to our customers the high-quality products and services, loyalty and competitive prices.