About Us

SPIEN website is established with a goal to improve the agriculture supply chain in Cambodia. Our missions are to secure the future of Cambodian agricultural sector by making local products more visible to and accessible by consumers, and connect farmers/producers to input suppliers, sustainable and innovated farming techniques and updated agricultural news. 

With a strong determination to achieve our missions, we also dedicate our work to bring solutions to agriculture supply chain by using our online website and other social media channels as platforms to connect diverse stakeholders to work in a collective manner.  

In Cambodian context, we strongly believe that the integration of small-holder farmers in agribusiness is key to bring changes to the current conventional and inefficient market systems. Having said that, we support all sorts of farmer/producer group buildings with an attempt to work collectively to produce and deliver products to the market.  

Our message to all farmer groups is “ you produce, we connect.” 

“SPIEN: Connecting You to Local Agricultural Products"