Product Information

: Agri-Materials
Product Name
Neem Powder - Bio-pesticide

: The Green Farmers Siem Reap Association
: Krous Village, Svay Dangkom commune, Siem Reap district, Siem Reap province
Supported by
: AGRISUD International Cambodia
supply period
: 6 months (May - November)
: 2.5 USD/ pcs
Name​ of Supplier Representative
: Ms. Lon Srey Mao
: (+855) 77 256 084/ 89 287 536
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Short Description:Neem is a very beneficial plant. In agriculture, neem extract has been used widely in insect control because of its effectiveness and eco-friendly characteristics.This is Neem Powder produced by farmers in Siem Reap province. This neem powder was made of neem seeds. It can be used to control different types of insects such as worms, flea beetles, white flies and many more.