Product Information

: Processed foods
Product Name
Ginger Powder

: University of Battambang
: National Road N.5, Sangkat Prek Preah Sdach, Battambang Town
Supported by
: University of Battambang
supply period
: Whole Year
Safety standards
: Safety
: 20$/Kg
Name​ of Supplier Representative
: Mr. Lim Seiha
: 086 777 005
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Short Description:Ginger powder can be served by mixing it with hot water, and add a little honey. You can consume it daily for a good health, and to protect yourself from pathogens (virus bacteria and fungi) and the risk of cancers. Ginger powder comes in 4 sizes: (1) 250g, (2) 500g, (3) 1kg and (4) 2kg.